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Letting go of the old

This is my first post on my newly constructed website. It is nice to make a fresh start sometimes. After getting a new computer with Windows 10 and leaving Microsoft Works behind forever, I found out that all of the hundreds of photographs I thought I had transferred to a thumb drive were not there. That was a great loss.

Since then I re-photographed the best artwork to have something to put on my website. But more letting go seemed to be necessary. My previous Zircon Productions website needed updating, which I made a few steps in that direction, only to have the process stalled.

I found a very knowledgeable young lady at my church who builds websites "for fun" who has been helping me tremendously. It has been hard work, keeping at it, making decisions and learning a new platform. To say the least, I am thrilled to be able to present my new and improved Zircon Productions website!

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Sometimes my life feels like a series of "do-overs", constantly going back over things I have already done, never quite getting to the point of moving ahead. This year seems to be about restoration.

It has taken a good number of months to get to a place where where I can say, "It is finished". Four months to be exact, to be able to feel satisfied with my website, to come to a point of completion

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