"Baby Penguin 2"

"Baby Penguin 2"


14" x 11"

acrylic on canvas panel

framed, unframed

date completed:  9/29/2020

cdatalong # 0185

  • "Baby Penguin 2"

         Steve Fait, the neighbor next door when we first moved in to Tonnet Circle in Romoland, had a wife who loved penguins.  When she passed away, he had a yard sale and sold a lot of things, along with her penguin collections.  I love penguins and wanted to paint one.  The first painting was done as a Paint Party sample, using a stuffed toy of a baby penguin, as a model. The label said 'National Geographic", so I trusted the figure was fairly accurate to the real animal.  I taught both adult class and children's class this subject.

         The 14" x 11" acrylic on paper "Baby Penguin", has been a decorative wall hanging every year at Christmas.  "Baby Penguin 2" came about during class as I painted along and showed students my method.  This composition was finished September 29, 2020..

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