12" x 16"


on 140# paper

framed or unframed

date completed:  7/3/2011

catalog #0033

  • "Expansion"

         This 12" x 16" acrylic on watercolor paper is adhered to mat board.  This started out as a spontaneous play with color.  I had a palette I was using for painting something else.  Everyone kept saying that the colors on the palette looked like a painting in themselves.

         When I was done with the work, I took the leftover paint and turned it out onto a piece of watercolor paper.  After spreading and smooshing the paint around, I added more, using my fingers to apply.  At one point, I started seeing figures in the colors so I enhanced and capitalized on what I thought I saw, shapes like birds and dragons.

         The teacher, Sally Pearce told me to go beyond the representational and keep adding color, which I did. Didn't know how I would know when to stop.

         The next week, we did more to our abstracts, putting washes on and sprinkles and splatters.  I was not happy with the result.  Some time later, I picked it up again to finish, which I did.  Still not totally pleased with the effect but as I had not painted abstracts before, was at a loss as to how to fix it.

         Some parts I really liked, so I cut the paper to keep those areas.  It turned out I cut too much off one end, so I cut the same amount off the other side and made it a 3-panel.  The other half of the paper I kept the way it was, but still did not think it was acceptable.

         Some time later, I took the pieces out, cut the other composition into regular strips, then put them all back together, so that the one half of the original work shows through, like there are two compositions, one behind the other.  Glued the strips to a single piece of mat board. As I kept working with this piece, I began to like it better and better.  It is a very unique and different work for me.  Couldn't decide what to call it. "Universe"? "Expanding Universe"?. "Explosion"? "Comets"? I finally settled on "Expansion", as that what this piece forced me to do.

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