"Bunches of Grapes 2"

"Bunches of Grapes 2"


14" x 18"


canvas panel


date completed:  5/23/2020

catalog # 0176

  • "Bunches of Grapes 2"

         We had grape vines where we used to live and I took a bunch to a local night school watercolor class.  "Bunch of Grapes" was a 6” x 8 ½’ watercolor on 140# paper, which I framed and had hanging for many years.  That was a favorite of most of my family.

         For "Bunches of Grapes", I used the original composition and idea of a bunch of grapes that fell from the branch and was laying on the ground.  I did a 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas for a Paint Party, following a similar color scheme of purple and yellow, with some green.  Being dissatisfied with the result, I reworked the first version according to my sensibility.

         Each Paint Party I lead, I start out painting the composition for a sample, then paint during class, to show students how I did it.  "Bunches of Grapes 2" is the in-person painting, which almost never gets finished in class.

         I had in mind to use a different color scheme than the first, to give the idea that participants don’t necessarily have to copy my picture exactly.  I liked a previous piece of art of mine, with grapes against a sunset sky.  "Bunches 2" reflects that time of day.  As painting progressed, I didn’t know how I liked this version, but I kept at it and finally came up with something pleasing

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