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14" x 11"

acrylic on 140# paper

framed, unframed

date completed:  1/16/2014

catalog # 0075

  • "Hearts"

         After making small Valentines in an art class, I decided to use the graphic arts style of a heart as subject for my Paint Party in the month of February.  I painted in acrylic paints one of those original cards, on a larger format 14" x 11" paper..  It came out Ok.  I made the addition of lettering "love" in the composition.

         "Hearts" was painted next.  I love purple and thought that it would make a good background for a red heart.  With the streaks and strokes of paint, red and pink, I started seeing smaller hearts within the larger figure.  That is when I decided to apply metallic gold paint to emphasize the shapes.

         I love the nuances of color as the acrylic paint blended and the flowing direction of the brush and the lights and darks making almost a tunnel effect.

  • Returns and Shipping policies

         All sales are final.  Every precaution will be taken to protect artwork during shipping.  In the event product does get damaged, in transit, send photograph of damaged goods.  Cost of goods will be refunded.

         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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