"Big Rock Ranch"

"Big Rock Ranch"


11" x 14"


90 # paper


date completed:  5/5/2020

catalog # 0175

  • Big Rock Ranch"

         When we moved, the across-the-street neighbors had a wooden sign out front near their driveway, “Big Rock Ranch”.  I liked the name and loved the natural stone for which it was named.  There have been many beautiful sunsets with the rock, eucalyptus tree and other vegetation as well as their house, silhouetted against the colorful sky.  I love the brightness of the sun going down, and wanted to achieve the lacey look of the tree’s leaves.

         I did this 11” x 14” pastel for a lesson in my Fundamentals of Art drawing classes.  This is the first version, done for one day‘s class, a second version came after, in the next day’s class, with a different group of students.  The incomplete pastel waited in storage for the finishing touches.

         Deciding what to put in the composition proved to be a slight challenge.  The solution came after I got up from a nap, poked my nose in my studio, and immediately saw what I wanted to do.  Time away and a fresh perspective always helps.  I am pleased with how the painting turned out.

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