"Kayaking on Lake Hemet"

"Kayaking on Lake Hemet"


7 1/2" x 9 1/2"


on 140# paper


completed 8/6/2021

catalog # 0193

  • "Kayaking On Lake Hemet"

         For our wedding anniversary, Joe and I rented a park trailer up at Lake Hemet, California.  There is a beach where people can get in to swim, which we did.  The next day when we went to the beach, I took my box of watercolor paints, several pieces of paper as well as my pencil box.

         We got there before the beach opened, so we sat in the back of the car.  I started painting the sky and distant hills and the trees around the camping sites.  When the swim time began, we moved our chairs out onto the beach, close enough to the water to allow a good view of the landscape already in progress in my painting.

         Several people came by and watched as I painted.  One lady made a video with her phone.  (I missed a good opportunity by not thinking to ask for her to send it to me.  Next time).  Since the day was cloudy, overcast and breezy, I decided it would be too cool to get in the water, so I spent my time on the beach, painting.  While we were enjoying the outdoors, someone in a blue kayak paddled through my line of sight.  What a perfect addition, except that I would paint the boat red.

         This 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" watercolor on 140 # paper is one of my plein air paintings, and done much better than some of my more recent watercolors.  Mostly because I only had a spray bottle of water, not cup to rinse my brush in.  So I used the squirts of water to dilute paint and to wet the paper and help the paint spread.  My art teacher/mentor liked it.  I hope you do too.

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