"Red Poppies 2"

"Red Poppies 2"


18" x 12"


140 # paper

available framed or unframed

date completed:  2017

catalog # 0134

  • "Red Poppies 2"

         I have always loved poppies, the California species and others.  These red poppies have such a crinkly look, like crepe paper.  I found these in the art supply store and use them many times in my art classes, either in drawing or painting.

         The significance of the Red Poppy? It is a symbol of remembrance of a battle during World War I, in Flander's fields, where red poppies grew over the fallen soldiers.  The poppy is worn in a show of support for the Armed Forces community, those currently serving, Veterans, and their families. It is a symbol of hope, that there would be no more lives lost in battle.

         I painted this  18" x 12" version for my Fundamentals of Art class when we progressed to using watercolors.  The vase holding the flowers is a favorite of mine, with crackled looking glass and fluted rim.  I really like this composition and the colors in the background and foreground, as well as the poppies.

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