"Red Watering Can"

"Red Watering Can"


16" x 20"


90 # paper

available framed or unframed

date completed:  1/4/2019

catalog # 0145

  • "Red Watering Can"

         I purchased an old fashioned metal watering can from a local antique store.  I used it for a drawing model in my Fundamentals of Art drawing classes.  I did several drawings in charcoal of this subject.  Kept working on it to get the proportions right.  Hadn’t quite finished it, until one day I was going through my list of art to complete, and this came up next.

         At the same time I decided to finish this piece, Hemet Valley Art Association announced the theme for their specials category as “Black and White and one other color”.  Since this project already was in black and white, it occurred to me it was perfect, with the addition of red. 

         I wanted my composition to be different, tell some kind of a story.  So I turned this into a scene in a shed, of an old watering can, a three-pronged gardening claw, and a metal tin with geraniums in it.  I thought the idea was creative, maybe the most creative for me (at the time), and fairly easy to complete.

         Red Watering Can was entered in the Hemet Valley Art Association gallery specials category and again in their Still Life competition.  No awards were won there.  I took it to the Southern California Riverside County Fair at Perris, where it won first in adult amateur miscellaneous category in October 2019.

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