"Mini Pumpkin"

"Mini Pumpkin"


24" x 18"


watercolor paper


date completed:  10/21/2013

catalog # 0080

  • "Mini Pumpkin"

         At a time when I was looking for a teacher/mentor, I came across a class called "Paint Party", being taught at a local community center.  I was told to look online to see the subject being painted, which I did.  Wasn’t too excited about the image, but I went and enjoyed myself and my husband Joe liked what I brought home.

         The teacher and I talked about him mentoring me.  I thought that Mini Pumpkin would be the lesson I would teach, so I painted the composition ahead of time, to get the feel for how I would do it and how long it would take.  As it turned out, he changed his mind about staying in the area, so teaching me all his tricks and techniques of hosting a Paint Party did not happen.  I figured I would keep going to class for as long as I could and learn as much as I could.

         The day that we painted this Halloween/Autumn themed project, was his last day.  After which, I took over providing the activity at the community center.  Never mind that I had no experience in teaching art.

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