"Spring !"

"Spring !"


16" x 12"


on canvas panel


date completed:  12/31/2019

catalog #0166

  • "Spring !"

         Inspiration for this came from a card I received, a print of a watercolor titled "Spring Blossoms."   My intention was to do the whole painting in an impressionistic style,and present it to my Paint Party class, to teach them .

         I painted while my husband Joe and I were watching a movie, "The Aeronauts", set in the early 1900s.  Two meteorologists, a man and a woman, went up in a balloon to study the atmosphere.  They believed that weather could be predicted.  I was applying blues, and white and yellow and a little orange in the sky area just as the characters were caught in a storm.

         I switched to earth colors, brown, green, tan, orange, yellow-green, and changed the direction of the strokes at the bottom of the canvas to create the ground.  At that point, the scene looked somewhat stormy and rainy.  I wasn't totally sure how the art was going to turn out.

         It seemed that I had a number of options, one being, a Greek or Italian city on the side of a hill, over-looking the sky and sea. To test out ideas, I laid a piece of plastic over the canvas and using watercolor paints, applied the trees in the location I wanted, using colors I had imagined.  In the next session, using the acrylic paint, I approximated the look on the canvas that I achieved on the plastic sheet.

         With a few touch-ups, this 16" x 12" acrylic on canvas panel, "Spring!", was finished December 21, 2019.  It just so happened that I had the perfect frame for it to go in; one with some texture but not too much, and a gold that brings out the light values and warm colors.

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