"Meadow with a View"

"Meadow with a View"


9" x 12"


140 # paper


date completed:  1/18/2021

catalog #  none

  • "Meadow With a View"

         A friend and fellow networkier expressed an interest in attending art class.  We met for a few months doing drawing lessons, which I deem the basis for all art.

         My student eventually desired to learn to paint, so I said Ok.  My method is to teach the process of creating a painting, from start to finish.l  "Meadow With a View" is his photograph of Big Bear Mountain and lake, from a lot that he owns.

         I painted this  9" x 12 " on watercolor paper, keeping it small so we could finish in several sessions,.  He wanted me to show him how I would paint, so I did.  He went home and worked on his compostion and showed his work the next week.  I give critiques so the student learns what to do to improve.

         Since I have plenty of unfinished work, I shared that I wanted to finish my painting, and asked if he would like to see how I would complete it.  He said, Yes, so I made adjustments to mine, because some of the colors were not right.  I added grasses and details to the foreground, being satisfied with the results.

         I showed a friend of mine a photograph of the final picture and she said she wanted it.  She and her husband were planning on moving and she thought my painting looked like where they lived.  It would be a nice momento for him.

         This composition can be commissioned.

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