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   Welcome to Zircon Productions, featuring the artwork of Kathi Fox.  This is the website where you can view and purchase from the Gallery, her creative endeavors.  Discover Classes and Events offered, places artwork is being shown and join Kathi to discuss art and glean helpful tools and tips from her Blog.

     To learn more about the artist, go to About to read her story and view in Accomplishments Kathi's training, organization membership and competitions entered by the award-winning artist.

     "My style is representational.  I mostly focus on realistic, with a little impressionism.  When I have an idea for a piece, most of the time the specifications are inherent:  each painting dictates what medium I will use, either watercolor, acrylics or pastels.  What size, on what surface, even the title comes to me before the creation."

     The artist of Zircon Productions gets ideas from various places.  Nature, the environment, dreams, hearing a song, hearing or reading a Bible verse, her own active imagination have all been sources of inspiration for the completed works and numerous compositions "waiting in the wings."

     Please browse the offerings here to find the piece that is right for you. If you don't see what you want, Kathi can be commissioned to paint a subject that is particularly dear to your heart.

Here is Kathi's latest work.

Hot Air Balloons over hills and vineyards with  house in center.

"Hot Air Ballons" by Kathi Fox

20" x 16" acrylic on canvas panel



     I started this quite awhile ago.  I already painted a picture with three balloons over grape vineyards.  It is very colorful and has hung in my studio for years.  I used the first version as a sample for a Paint Party at my house.  My students struggled to duplicate what I had already done, and my canvas used to paint along, did not turn out very well.

    When I pulled it out next, I had already painted the main balloon over with white, as I did not like my design.  I located a small magazine photo I liked for the background, of a cottage among fields lined with rock walls.  I kept some of the original painting, such as the sky, distant mountains and hills, making them more realistic by adding better shadows and light areas.

     More details were put in, in foreground grape vines and a vintner's house was added.  The model for the building is a two-story Mediterranean style country house I used to live in.

     The balloons are mostly of my own design.  For the main one I found a photo online of something I liked, then modified the style and used my favorite colors.  The shading and highlighting turned out incredibly well; the balloon looks very three dimensional, which is what I wanted.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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