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Coming Soon, A View Into Cal Fire

Description of artwork

Puzzles available soon.

Painting of images of firefighters and equipment arranged in a collage.

" A View Into Cal Fire"

36" x 48"

acrylic on birch panel




     "A View Into Cal Fire is a painted collage by Kathi Fox.  The 3’ x 4’ acrylic on birch panel is a series of scenes illustrating different aspects of Cal Fire personnel, equipment and fire fighting techniques.

     Here is the description in her words.  "My neighbor, John Crater,  is Temecula fire chief for Cal Fire.  He remarked that he has a big office and needed something to go on the wall.  His idea was to show a history of Cal Fire equipment and fire fighting techniques."

     "I had a few ideas which I sketched out, but didn’t commit to anything.  The real inspiration came October 2020 from a fire a quarter mile from our house.    Fortunately the wind was blowing away from us.  I was standing outside watching two planes and a helicopter, as well as seeing trucks going up the road and a bulldozer waiting on the side."

     "As I watched black smoke rising up, one of the small white Cal Fire planes flew overhead, swooped down and dropped its load of red fire retardant.  It is amazing what inspires an artist.  I thought that was the most beautiful sight."

     "I could not get the image out of my head and during my devotions, I believe the Lord was impressing upon me to follow the feeling that 'I have to do this'.  So, a week after the fire, I told John I would do his painting for him."

     "Captain Crater shared photos in albums, texted me pictures on his phone.  I took a few photos of my own, of images I knew I wanted to add.  I chose the most dramatic views, the things I liked the best and what I thought would showcase each aspect of Cal Fire."

     "This is the largest format I have painted, the most detailed and will possibly be the most public painting.  The challenge was taking many different images and placing them in a logical composition that flowed from one 'vignette' to the next."

     "I used every trick of the trade, from sketching in charcoal, tracing, enlarging and shrinking images using my computer printer.  I literally cut with scissors, rearranged, and pasted with tape as well as coloring in soft pastels for trying out color, value and composition."

     "This has been the biggest stretch of my imagination, creativity and skill as an artist.  The most thrilling moment came when John said that the city manager wanted to put it in a more public space, not just in his office."  "A View Into Cal Fire' may travel to other departments in Temecula City Hall, Temecula, California.

     To find out more about artist Kathi Fox, go to ABOUT.

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