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MEET Kathi Fox

     "Landscapes have always been my favorite things to paint." says Kathi Fox, fine artist and owner of Zircon Productions. She grew up in a rural setting outside Perris, California. "I remember always drawing that environment:  house, trees, animals, horse in a corral."  Even at a young age she continually studied drawing from library books.  "Since having taught drawing classes, I have expanded my repertoire to include many subjects, even some I never thought I would be attracted to"

     "Seventh grade art class stands out as having taught me a lot about drawing techniques and the principles of art.  I had an excellent teacher."  At age 14 she completed her first painting in oils.  Several other pieces followed, as a young adult.

     In 1978, Kathi met and married her husband, Joe Fox. Together they have a daughter, Michele.  Shortly after the Fox family moved into their beautiful custom country home, in Murrieta, California, in 1989, Kathi developed health challenges.  In a retraining program, Kathi studied to be a Naturopath.  She has been practicing since 1992, helping people with their health challenges, using the same natural means that she learned to heal herself.

Photo of artist Kathi Fox in navy blue dress, in front of bush with magenta flowers.

     During her career as a natural health consultant, Kathi has been cultivating her artistic skills.  “I have always loved the arts, as well as sciences.  In choosing a career, I always waffled between art and biology.  Biology won out.  I can see now that neither discipline is mutually exclusive.”

     Learning on her own, the biggest opportunity for study came in being accepted for the Fundamentals of Art distance education course from Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Now she attends classes with very accomplished local artists.

     Mrs. Fox is realizing a life-long dream of being a painter.  Since 2007 she has been developing her business as an artist.  She works out of a studio in her home in Romoland, California.  "I see art as being a universal language, like music, that every human is able to connect with and understand.  It is a way to bring out the deep inner part of a person, for others to see."

     Kathi's philosophy is that everyone should have beauty around them. Her goal in creating art is to “share the beauty of the world, and God’s word”.  Looking at art changes us, but creating art gives even greater health benefits.  " I can remember painting during a stressful time in our life, and feeling something going on in my brain that convinced me of the beneficial nature of art.  That personal experience made me a firm believer in the healing power of being creative.'"  To that end, Kathi teaches drawing and painting classes, to give others that same experience.

     There was a 10 year period when Kathi was away from any creative endeavors.  When she returned to her passion, she realized,  “I always feel so much better when I am doing something creative.  This is the way I am going to spend the rest of my life.  I will never be without art again.”

     To learn more about Kathi, go to Educational accomplishments and Competitions.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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