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Cal Fire brochure key

                              GUIDE TO CAL FIRE PAINTING/PUZZLE

1.  1947 International truck
2.  1980 Sprinkler indicator valve to turn water on and off from outside buildings.
3.  Originally Coach dog, because of their flashy white with black spots coloring,
         Dalmatians were used to run ahead of trucks to warn pedestrians truck
         was coming.
4.  Over-the-side rescue of a motorcyclist from Ladder truck 73 out of Lake
         Elsinore, CA.
5.  Search and rescue/recovery in Box Springs Canyon in 1990 of a plane
6.  Helicopter water drop in Rainbow Canyon fire, 1999.
7.  Fire in Romoland, CA, October,2020.  An S 2 tanker 73 plane dropping red
         fire retardant.
8.  Air attack, plane out of Ryan Field, Hemet, CA, 1980.
9.  American flag.
10.  Firefighters gathering as a family to honor Perris Station 1 cook, Sheehan
         at his retirement.
11.  Cal Fire manages and responds along with U.S. National Forest Service to
         maintain Cleveland Nat'l campgrounds for people to enjoy as park land.
12.  "All risk" firefighters silhouetted against backdrop of glow of wildfire (left
         side) and structure fires (right side).  Scene inside shape of original
         Forestry division insignia.
13.  Water tanker 9, out of Good Hope, CA, where John Schaffer started
         volunteer program in 1998.
14. Ladder truck behind Engine 94, creating optical illusion.  Elk's Lodge fire in
         Lake Elsinore, CA.
15.  Modern day fire hydrant, 1998, Romoland, CA.
16.  Cal Fire responds to vehicle accident on Santa Rosa Mine Rd., 1998, cut
         and rescue.
17.  Squad Truck 9.
18.  Engine 9 in Station 9.
19.  Fire fighters have always welcomed young people to the station.
20.  Cal Fire uniforms transitioned from khaki to dark blue, after 2000.
21.  "Sparks".
22.  Volunteers at GoodMeadow station putting together lunches for fighters on
         the fire line, June 1974 Meadowbrook, CA.
23.  Structure fire of commercial building.
24.  Fireman with steel bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus, battling
         structure blaze.
25.  Even with all the safety equipment and protocol, some firemen lose their
         lives in the line of duty.  Main causes of death among firefighters:  cancer,
         heart attack and suicide.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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