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"Authentic Creamery'

"Authentic Creamery'


18" x 12"


charcoal paper

framed or unframed

date cxmpleted:  2/17/2016

catalog # 0113

  • "Authentic Creamery"

         When I traveled to a friend’s house up on the Ortega Highway, above Lake Elsinore, California,  I would pass by an antique shop.  I stopped in after having not been there for awhile.  I was teaching Fundamentals of Art drawing classes and looked for an object that I could use as a model for drawing and shading a cylinder.  Way back, in the back of the store, sitting on the floor of the last stall, I found the perfect thing;  an authentic creamery.  Shaped like a traditional milk can, only smaller, the creamery had such a beautiful patina of old metal, yet was in very good condition.

         I looked at the tag to identify what it was and how much it was.  I thought the price a little too steep to pay for what it was, the size and for its intended use, so I left.  I did pick out a couple of other items that I could use for other art models, but my mind was still on that can.

         I made several other stops in the shopping center across the street, all the while thinking, “I’m going to be by here same time next week.  But it could be gone, and I really love it.  I can count it for a business expense, as I will be using it for teaching my class.  Besides, what else am I working for?”  So, with that logic, I turned around, went back to the store and bought it.

  • Return and shipping policies

         All sales are final.  Every precaution will be taken to protect artwork during shipping . In the event product does get damaged, in transit, send photograph of damaged goods.  Cost of goods will be refunded.

         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

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