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"Autumn on the Farm"

"Autumn on the Farm"


12" x 16"


canvas panel

available framed or unframed

date completed:  10/6/2019

catalog # 0163

  • "Autumn On The Farm"

         A student of mine who typically painted flowers because she was comfortable with that subject, decided she wanted to do a landscape.  A calendar photo of a tree in full Autumn colors, with a red barn in the mid-ground and trees and buildings in the background became her next source.  I coached her through reproducing the landscape on canvas in acrylic paint.  I felt my pupil did a good job, for doing a first-time landscape and I did a good job in instructing her from start to finish.

         I really liked the composition myself, so when we were done, I started my own.  I felt I could do a better job in the composition than the photographer did in his picture.

         The first version of "Autumn on the Farm" was painted as a mini, on a 5" x 7" canvas, for which I had the perfect frame.  That particular piece got purchased right off the wall in Arts Council Menifee show by my friend, for her niece, who she says likes my work. 

         My next attempt was this 12" x 16" acrylic canvas panel. This image became the subject for a demonstration at Hemet Valley Art Association Evening of Art, March 2019.  I showed how to use painting knives for applying acrylics.  I enjoy painting with knives, love being able to use colors right out of the tube, and appreciate the resulting texture. 

         "Autumn On the Farm" gained recognition of an Honorable Mention ribbon in the Hemet Vallery Art Association's Special theme category, October 2020.

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         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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