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"'B' Street Barn'

"'B' Street Barn'


12" x 18"


on 60# paper

framed or unframed

date completed:  8/1/2014

catalog #0055

  • "'B' Street Barn"

         I found this old barn in Old Town Murrieta when I went on an "artist's" day out, photographing old buildings.  It became my favorite building subject to draw.  The property had house, garage, this barn, a hay barn and a two-story structure that was most likely bunking quarters.  Fenced paddocks stretched to the south.

         After I took numerous pictures, explored the open barn, I returned once more to get more photos, and began drawing,  I had a flashback in my memories..  This was the place my mother and I brought my sister Janice to, for a 4-H horse workshop.  This used to be the old Shamel Ranch, which later moved to Cherry Valley.  They must have raised thoroughbred race horses.

         I called it "B" Street Barn, because it sounded alliterative, until I realized it was not on "B" street, but "C" street. "C" street and Clay Street in Murrieta, CA.

         Sometime after 2012, I went to a book binder to have a few Bible covers repaired.  I was told by the woman who lived a few blocks away that the barn burnt down.  I drove by to look for myself, and all the buildings were totally gone, the ground looking bulldozed as if nothing had ever been there.  Too bad.  I would have liked to have bought the place, or at least taken the barn apart, and moved it to my property.

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