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"Christmas Angel 2"

"Christmas Angel 2"


16" x 12"

acrylic on canvas panel

frame, unframed

date completed:  11/17/2018

catalog # 0164

  • "Christmas Angel 2"

         I have seen some angel paintings that I admired, but did not purchase.  As an artist, I imagine that if I like a particular subject, or style of art, or even colors in a picture, I can paint it if I want. 

         The inspiration for this came from Melody LeMesurier, the sister of my high school friend.  I saw her angel, that she did as a Paint Party, over in Perris, at the Southern California Fair in Perris, October 2018.  I liked her colors, and radiating brush strokes around the figure.

         I went home and painted my own version.

         I used a clear acrylic angel figure with wings splayed out in an arch above the head, blowing a horn, in one of my Paint Parties.  The first "Christmas Angel", I made on a blue background, with orange wings, like fire.  Didn’t know what to do with the hands and arms, so I painted the angel holding a Christmas wreath.  Not my best work.

         I wanted more green and red in this angel painting, so I put those colors, along with gold, in the background, with quick, long strokes, which gives it lots of movement.  The angel has iridescent white paint on dress and wings, which I love.

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