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"God's Country"

"God's Country"


16" x 20"


on canvas

framed or unframed

date completed:  12/11/2018

catalog # 0144

  • "God's Country"

         I was teaching my Fundamentals of Art drawing class, how to draw and paint rocks.  I found a photo online of these sedimentary rock formations.  First rendering was done in soft pastels.  One of my students wanted to paint the composition in acrylics.  I started out with an under painting of yellow ochre and burnt umber, to get the shapes, and values.  My student, in the meantime, finished his painting on his own.

         November 2018 Temecula Valley Art League asked me to demonstrate at their general meeting.  Since I was interested in finishing my own work, God's Country provided the perfect subject.  My demonstration showed how to use palette and painting knives.  I used 3 or 4 styles of knife to complete this warm, glowing, analogous color scheme.  I even knew when I finished, I had the perfect frame.

         Since the location of the geological formation was unknown, getting a title for this piece was a challenge.  I could have called it Desert Towers, or Red Rocks, which were Ok, but I wanted to express the grandeur of these massive rocks and the expansiveness of the desert floor, which I think the name God's Country, does.

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Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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