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"God's Country 2"

"God's Country 2"


9" x 12"

acrylic on 90 # paper

frame, unframed

date completed:  4/27/2022

catalog # 0200

  • "God's Country 2"

         "God's Country 2" came about in an unusual way.  I started with an art therapy exercise, of matching colors to emotions.

         I was angry about a situation with feral cats next to where we live. I expressed my feelings in red orange, orange, indigo, blue, black, magenta, purple, red and blue green.  I really liked those colors together on the "emotion wheel".  I determined to make a piece with those colors as my palette.

         I wanted to have an element with jagged edges.  The choice was between the Grand Tetons and the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, both from magazine photos.  I used the glowing sunset behind the Gramd Tetons for my sky, and the mountains and cactus from the desert photo.  The spikes on the cactus were perfect to express my annoyance and anger, and if you count them, there are 11 cacti, one for each cat that I saw.

         When I finished this 9" x 12" acrylic on 90 # paper, it came time to give it a title.  Couldn't call it "Feral Cats" because the subject matter has nothing to do with cats.  I could name after the geographic formation, Superstition Mountains, but I wanted something different.  I settled on "God's Country 2" because I have used that name before, on a painting that is similar, but not exactly the same.

         "God's Country 2" won fourth place out of eight or more entries, in the Specials Desert themed Hemet Valley Art Association gallery competition, in August 2022.

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Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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