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"Harvest Moon and Tree"

"Harvest Moon and Tree"


20" x 16"


on canvas panel

framed or unframed

date completed:  9/21/2021

catalog #0196

  • "Harvest Moon and Tree"

         Harvest Moon and Tree started out as a tree, from a demonstration by another artist.  The tree was being painted in by painting the background first.  I tried it out, got a background of Aliziron crimson acrylic, leaving the white of the canvas for the tree.  My 20" x 16" canvas panel sat for a long time, waiting to be finished.  There were several ideas I had, one of which was to paint the tree in multi colors, like a Rainbow Eucalyptus.

         September 2021, in contemplating what to enter in the Hemet Valley Art Association gallery special's competition, I  came to the conclusion that I did not have anything to depict Halloween, that I have not already shown.  Since I don't like Halloween images, the idea came to me to paint a tree.  A spooky, craggy looking tree, dark silhouetted against a bright orange sky.  I had seen a similar kind of painting done by an artist I knew.

         So, I pulled out the tree already started, put in the orange moon with a bright glow all around it, with some edges of dark sky.  I worked standing up, worked quickly, mostly doing what I wanted, how I felt it should be.  Had fun with this and love the way it turned out.

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