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"Christ Over the Earth"

"Christ Over the Earth"


16" x 12"


140 # paper


date completed:  11/2/2010

catalog # 0030

  • Christ Over the Earth

         The inspiration for this15" x 11" acrylic on watercolor paper came Sunday, September 19, 2010, during worship.  The song we were singing was "Glorious" by Paul Balocho and Brenton Brown.  The phrase "He stands above the rulers of the earth" spoke to my heart and the image of Christ came to mind.

    This 2010 composition took about two weeks.  I chose an analogous color scheme of blue, blue green, green, yellow, yellow green for the earth.  Christ of course was going to have dark hair and features with white robe. The complement to the dominant color green is red, which I decided to use as the background.

         I began with a subdued shade, and immediately thought I had ruined the painting.  But I kept on going, splotching on red, magenta, purple, a little brown.  I saw a very energetic, dynamic, dramatic effect.  The cool colors of the earth made it look very beautiful, peaceful, serene and the background spoke of either the flames of hell, being held back by Jesus, or the power and the blood of Jesus, ruling over the earth.  I added the shiny gold crowns to represent the 7 kingdoms spoken of in Revelation.

         This painting hung framed for 2 years in the church I was attending at the time.

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