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16" x 12"


60 # paper

available framed or unframed

date completed:  5/17/2018

catalog # 0140

  • "Koala"

         Whenever I taught Fundamentals of Art drawing classes, I used subjects that I liked, was interested in or wanted to learn myself.  I had an idea in my mind of what a picture of a koala should llook like.

         Found an image online in the exact pose and attitude.  I taught how to draw "Koala" using the grid method, and then painting it in with soft pastels.  My animal looked good, but the background was not coming out like I wanted so I let it sit for awhile.

         One of my students did an excellent job with the forest of eucalyptus trees and leaves hanging down around our cute marsupial.  The technique was more impressionistic.  That was what I aimed for when I got back to finishing my drawing.

         I love this piece, because I really like koalas,  I enjoy working with the soft fluidity of pastels and this 18” x 12” has all my favorite colors, purple, blues and greens.

  • Return and Shipping policies

         All sales are final.   Every precaution will be taken to protect artwork during shipping.  In the event product gets damaged in transport, send photo of damaged goods.  Cost of goods will be refunded.

         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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