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"Tropical Island 2"

"Tropical Island 2"


20" x 16"


canvas board

available framed or unframed

date completed:  5/19/2017

catalog # 0116

  • "Tropical Island 2"

         I started painting this during my Paint Party class, showing my students how to create a multicolored sunset sky.  Other elements taught were palm trees, wave, water and reflections of light on the ocean.

         Being a 20” x 16” canvas panel, and going around the classroom helping students, my artwork did not totally get finished in the time alloted.

         I finished "Tropical Island 2" somewhat later, in class with my art teacher, and on my own.  To have something to do at an outdoor music festival, I took this composition.  Sitting under big tall trees, on a grassy area, in the June sun, listening to bluegrass and painting made for an exquisit afternoon.

         Just as the temperature got warm, the sun came around and  my easel was blocked by the shade of the trees.

         I reworked the sky, using a dry brush technique to blend the colors.  Even though the acrylic paint dried quickly, I was able to achieve a smooth transition between pink and orange and yellow.  My art teacher showed me how to reflect sunlight in the water and on the wet sand as the waves came up.

         Later, came the addition three pelicans in flight across the sunlit sky.  This is one of my favorite pieces.

  • Return and Shipping policies

         All sales are final.   Every precaution will be taken to protect artwork during shipping.  In the event product gets damaged in transport, send photo of damaged goods.  Cost of goods will be refunded.

         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

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