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"Sentinel Grove"

"Sentinel Grove"


14" x 18'


canvas panel

available framed or unframed

date completed:  July 17, 2021

catalog # 0192

  • "Sentinel Grove"

         As the pandemic continues in 2021, I continue to paint, pulling out old canvases with already-started compositions. "Sentinel Grove" came about from a duplicate of "Sunlit Forest". I painted the 16" x 20" acrylic on paper as a sample for my Paint Party classes.  The idea came from a DVD of an English artist, Bob Davies.  The final version served as a subject for several such painting gatherings.

         During one class, I decided I wanted to make the color palette on my next version different.  For this 14" x 18" acrylic on canvas panel. I started out with purple and white for the sky, reddish brown for the trees, intending to use pthalo green for the leaves, to create a Redwood forest.

         When I put my work on the easel, ready to finish, I was not so happy with what was already there, so I thumbed through photographs taken recently on a trip to Sequoia National Park.  I found one that was exactly right.  In fact, the trees in the photo lined up so perfectly with my painting, there was no doubt I had the right source.

         Work proceeded in an interesting way.  Instead of working on all areas equally, I focused first on the trees in the center, then painted in the backdrop on the left side.  The vegetation and path towards the bottom of the canvas came next, then finishing up with the trees on the right side.  I really wanted to show the direction of the light, which I think came out good.

         I call this "Sentinel Grove" because the tree in Sequoia is named "Sentinel".  My husband thought it should be called "The Grove", hence a combination of both.

  • Return and Shipping Policies

         All sales are final.   Every precaution will be taken to protect artwork during shipping.  In the event product gets damaged in transport, send photo of damaged goods.  Cost of goods will be refunded.

         Please provide physical location address where carrier companies are able to deliver.  Order tracking number will be provided.

Meadow With a View  of Big Bear Mountain.



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