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"Simpson Reservoir"

"Simpson Reservoir"


16" x 20"


on canvas

framed or unframed

datre completed:  11/12/2016

catalog #0070

  • "Simpson Reservoir"

         My husband Joe likes to drive off-the beaten path, going on unknown roads to find out where they go.  We took a road close to us and ended up on the north side of a reservoir that we usually pass on the south, when we are on Simpson Road.  We take our dogs with us for walks and have gone there several times.  One particular trip, about 4 or 5 p.m., the sun was starting to set.  Eucalyptus trees, back-lit and tinged with gold, and the glittering water through the stand, inspired me to paint this quiet, peaceful, secluded scene.

         Having lived in the area a long time, we saw the construction of this little lake, but I never knew what to call it.  Didn't know if it was associated with Dominagoni Lake, if it was just a rain water run off collection pond or if people could fish on it.  Or maybe it is agriculture watering, as there are fields close by planted with Bok Choy and other greens.  Since I don't have a name for the body of water, I call my painting Simpson Reservoir.

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