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"Crystal River"

"Crystal River"


14" x 11"



available framed or unframed

date completed:  2/22/2016

catalog # 0019

  • "Crystal River"

     I saw a program on TV, "The Painting Cowboy".  The artist was a real cowboy, turned artist and he painted western and cowboy art.  The one episode that I really liked was a hunter's camp.  He did the whole composition with just the palette knife.  I really liked the way it looked, so rugged and painterly and impressionistic.

    I felt I could do that so I painted, "The Wilderness", done with designer paints from Art Instruction School.  I did that with the palette knife and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So I attempted the same style, with this 14" x 11" acrylic on canvas.  Subject material came from a photograph in a small desk calendar.

    Most of the painting was done with a brush. But when I got to the river and also the cliff rocks, I had a very hard time getting the right color and texture, so I switched to the knife. As soon as I started painting with the knife, it came together, as if my hands knew how to achieve what I wanted with that tool, instead of a brush.

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