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In the final analysis..

It has taken a good number of months to get to a place where where I can say, "It is finished". Four months to be exact, to be able to feel satisfied with my website, to come to a point of completion, that all I will need to do from now on is maintenance. Adding new products, changing the events and putting out the next blog. Whew.

Was it worth it? I have learned so much in the process, made lots of decisions along with staying focused on the project. I would get to a point where it felt like I could be done, then something else would pop up that needed to be fixed or that I wanted to change. For those of you who know me personally, I probably do not seem like a perfectionist, but I do like whatever I do to turn out exactly as I imagine. So in the long run, it is a job well done.

A big thank you goes to my lady friend who got me started with the web builder and did a lot of the work for me in the beginning. When I took over, I had notes that I took while watching. Then I kept learning on my own through trial and error. The website builder used proved to be pretty easy to figure out.

There are other ways to use the publisher. Time will tell if I dip into those features. In the meantime, I will utilize what I have in place, on a regular basis. So, this is not the end, but the beginning.

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CONGRATULATIONS KATHI! You're so specially talented and this is a way to share your work with all of us and more. A big hug for you!

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