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Sometimes my life feels like a series of "do-overs", constantly going back over things I have already done, never quite getting to the point of moving ahead. This year seems to be about restoration.

I have mentioned before, the problems acquiring a new computer created and losing Microsoft Works. All of my files have been recreated through Libre Office. In that transition I lost all of my photographs, hundreds of pictures, if not a thousand. I have now rephotographed and edited all of my artwork that is fit to offer for sale.

I rebuilt a failing website and now Zircon Productions is populated with all of the images for you to view, and to purchase. My business life has been restored! Now comes the work of being consistent, updating information, adding new paintings as they are finished and staying in touch with you, my family, personal friends, artist friends, and business networking groups.

I used to belong to Trusted Business Partners networking organization some years ago. I rejoined and am cultivating new friends and reconnecting with previous acquaintances. I look forward to getting more involved in networking activities.

During this restoration process I have continued to paint. My artwork is another area where I felt like I kept going over and over the same subjects, pulling out previous projects and reworking them. My "Hot Air Balloons" is one such painting. I am thrilled at how it turned out, considering what it looked like when I put it away.

My latest work created a feeling of having arrived. I feel like I can finally say I am living the first half of my motto as an artist: "Sharing the beauty of the world." As we move into a new year in 2022, I am moving forward in honoring the last half of my motto, which is: "sharing the beauty of God's word, through art." Wait till you see the next piece!

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