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Ribbon Cutting!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

After a good number of hours over the past two months, I am ready to say "Open for Business". It has been a lot of work, lots of decision making and being creative. It has also been a good learning experience for me and enjoyable working with my younger lady friend who has been sharing her knowledge.

I consider this my "ribbon cutting" even though this is a virtual gallery and the only physical presence are my husband, Joe and my dog, Nate. (who is laying in the hallway, on his back, to keep cool.)

The main thing that has kept me going, staying focused on completing this project, is you, my friends, fans and fellow artists. I have been so blessed to be able to do what I do, to do what I love, because of you. Everything that has gone into this website has been with you in mind. The colors, trending for 2021, the information, presented in a clear, concise manner, to answer all your questions. Descriptions of my artwork, written to interest you in my work, as well as to show me, who I am inside.

I could not forget the paintings themselves. I have grown and changed and matured as an artist, which I can see in myself, every time I pull out a previously started work, to bring it to a completed piece, as "Sentinel Grove", coming to the Home page soon, reflects.

I am now thinking about how I can make the same subject, that I already painted, different from the first, as well as different from how others may have painted it. That is because I want to present a product to you, my dear friends, that will touch you in some way.

So, raise your glasses, here's to me, and my New Zircon Productions website!!!

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